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Serbian President Expects Difficult Talks in Brussels

Source: Beta
News / Politics | 10.06.21 | access_time 16:18

Aleksandar Vucic

Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic said on June 10 ahead of the resumption of its dialog with Pristina in Brussels, that he was not particularly interested in announcements from Pristina that it would only come to the talks to get recognized as independent and that if that was the case Pristina's representatives should spare themselves the trip.

"I do not care what they are saying. I could be serious and say, without joking: 'If you think that you are coming to get the things that you are talking about, you should not bother coming," Vucic said at the inauguration of a Fischer Automotive Systems factory in Jagodina.

Vucic also said that the next few days would not be easy for Serbia but that continuing the dialog was extremely important, not just because of the EU but also because this would defuse tensions and improve the security of the Serb people in Kosovo. "As to whether it will be simple in Brussels - it won't be for anyone! They are coming to do their show, and we are coming to be serious and committed to dialog. The final score is on the scoreboard, but at the end of the game," Vucic said.

Answering suggestions that Serbia needed to decide whether it was heading towards Europe or somewhere else he said: "Serbia is on the European path, and is much farther down this road than those lecturing it," he said.

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