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Average Household Expenditures RSD212 Higher Than Income

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Archive / SEE Business | 23.03.20 | access_time 10:04

Serbian dinars (Shutterstock)

The average monthly income in money and in kind of Serbian households in Q4 2019 totaled RSD68,446 while personal consumption expenditures amounted to 68,658, which means that they exceeded income by RSD212, the Serbian Statistical Office said on March 16. 

Relative to Q4 2018, households’ average monthly income was 4% higher, the same as expenditures. In comparison with Q3 2019, the average monthly income was 2.3%, the same as expenditures. 

Earnings from employment accounted for the bulk of the income (49.2%), followed by pensions (32.2%), income from agriculture, hunting and fishing (4.9%), natural consumption (3.1%), earnings outside of employment (2.9%) and social insurance (2.7%). 

As for expenditures, the list is topped by food and non-alcoholic beverages (34.3%), rent, water, electricity, natural gas and other fuels (17%), transportation (9.1%), recreation and culture (5.4%), communication (5.3%), clothing and footwear (5.1%), alcoholic beverages and tobacco (9%) and health care (4.3%).

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