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KRIK again Targeted by Pro-regime Media

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Archive / News | 10.03.21 | access_time 12:13

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KRIK, the Crime and Corruption Reporting Network, has announced that it is again being targeted by pro-government media, which are attempting to discredit them, this time directly linking them to Veljko Belivuk, the arrested leader of a crime clan.

Several pro-government outlets run headlines on their front pages on March 10 claiming that Belivuk is cooperating with the KRIK portal and that KRIK is his “private media” with which he has a “secret deal.”

“For the nth time KRIK became a target of the pro-regime media that in every possible way are trying to discredit our work,” the portal announced on Twitter. The outlet has been attacked by the pro-government media and government representatives in the same manner in the past, following the publication of their investigative stories.

The opposition Party of Freedom and Justice said on March 10 that the prosecutor’s office should “immediately” act against the editors of the tabloids which have deliberately endangered the journalists of KRIK.

“In an attempt to neutralize their responsibility for the creation of the Veljko Belivuk gang, the authorities have gone too far and are accusing a group of investigative journalists of KRIK of cooperation with this criminal group,” the party said in a press release, adding that the tabloids have directly endangered the safety of KRIK journalists.

Other opposition parties and journalistic organizations also condemned the attack against KRIK.

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