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Former Serbian President: Vucic Has Power, But No Responsibility

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Tadic: Revision of Brussels Agreement necessary yet dangerous

Boris Tadic, the Social Democratic Party head and a former Serbian president, has said that Serbia’s current leader, Aleksandar Vucic, acts like a man who carries least responsibility despite wielding the highest power in the country. 

In an interview for the Novi Magazin weekly, Tadic said that Vucic blames the former authorities for all the bad things that are happening in the country. The president, he added, not only does not see himself responsible for the crimes of his own system but calls the exposure of these crimes the fight against crime. 

“He labels as success the fact that during his mandate the heads literally rolled all over Serbia, instead of assuming political responsibility for such crimes. In the Vucic era we see all those institutions we had painstakingly been building after October 5 [2000] razed to the ground with no expenses spared, and the citizens reduced to mere subjects and mum followers of the great leader cult,” the former president said. 

Tadic also said that all those claiming that nothing has changed and that Vucic has only “perfected our political model,” are either lacking political intelligence or are accomplices of the Progressives in their deceitful endeavor to annihilate any thought of Serbia’s democratization or normalization of social conditions. 

“Behind it all, in fact, stands the desire to create a regime-led super-rich oligarchy and social dissolution, which would render all future elections meaningless due to the concentration of political, media and financial power in the hands of Vucic’s clique and the [Serbian Progressive Party’s] party elite. Serbia during my mandate and the one under Vucic are two different countries going in opposite directions, although formally, both have EU membership as their strategic goal,” Tadic concluded.

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