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Historian: Incumbent Serbia’s Regime Annulling Individual Liberties

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Historian Milan St. Protic has said that the incumbent government in Serbia has been annulling individual liberties and imposing a single opinion of everything, while wishing to cling on to power forever.

“Since 1918, none of the governments in Serbia has had in their heart the interest of the Serbian people, but only the ambition to abuse the meager, naive and somewhat romantic national feeling for to achieve their goal, the absolute power,” Protic has told the Sept. 23 issue of Belgrade weekly NIN.

Protic, once an active politician and an ambassador, has also said he could not recall the time when freedoms have ruled in Serbia, noting that only degrees of non-freedom can be measured.

“When the incumbent potentates will be changed, it is not certain. Today, Serbian institutions are their extended arms, and they can even violate laws and the Constitution without any fear,” Protic has stressed.

According to him, “there, the situation does not improve, but further deteriorates, which is not obvious to many and it should be.” “As was the case during the communist regime, individual liberties have been annulled, while a single opinion on everything has been imposed. The rhetoric could be leaning toward the right, but the ruling technologies are leftist,” Protic has noted. 

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