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Independence Union Calls on Members To Vote

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Elections in Serbia (BetaPhoto/Dragan Gojic)

The Independence Union called on March 24 on its members to vote on Apr. 3 "and demonstrate with their votes that we want to live in a society of "prosperity and solidarity without discrimination."

"There is no decent living, jobs and earnings without the right to clean water, land and air or access to quality education, health services and public services," the union's executive board said in a statement in which it listed its "demands from actors on the Serbian partisan and election scene."

The union said that it demanded above all "decent (contractual, insured, safe, timely and decently paid) work, and not its caricature" in the form of jobs obtained owing to one being a member of a party. The organization also demanded "equal access to the labor market and jobs, free of all forms of discrimination," and "the right to continuous training and the life-long specialization of workers."

The Independence Union also favors the right to syndical organization, action, collective negotiations and the right to strike in practice and not just as a legal option. It said that Independent and efficient inspections were needed "and penalties that are not lower than observing the law and the implementation of measures for safe and healthy work."

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