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Kurti Criticized in Pristina for Agreement with Belgrade

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Immediately after European foreign minister Josep Borrell tweeted that an agreement was reached by Pristina and Belgrade in Brussels late on Nov. 23 the first reactions ensued from Kosovo Albanians on social networks and in the media in Pristina most of which criticized Premier Albin Kurti.

Political analyst Agon Maliqi said on Facebook that the dispute over license plates between Kosovo and Serbia "has become an unnecessary drama." "For theatricality, credibility has been lost and the points that could have been gleaned by respecting the U.S.'s advice. Still, its good news and let's hope for a final agreement as soon as possible," Radio KiM quoted him as saying.

Civil society activist Ron Djinovci, known for his support for Kurti and the Self-Determination, has criticized the premier for the agreement on license plates. "Weak Kurti, very weak," Djinovci wrote adding that Kurti withdrew after putting Kosovo "at odds with the entire world."

Late on Nov. 23, In Brussels, representatives of Belgrade and Pristina, Petar Petkovic and Besnik Bislimi, reached an agreement on license plates. "Serbia will stop issuing license plates with the denominations of Kosovo cities, and Kosovo will cease further activities that pertain to the re-registration of vehicles. I will call on the two sides during the next several days to discuss the next steps," Borrell said.

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