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Political expert: Forming of People’s Movement for The State – One More Manipulation by Vucic

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Political expert Boban Stojanovic stated on March 8 that the announced forming of “the People’s Movement for the State” represented a fresh case of manipulation by Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic and his attempt to depict himself as the sole protector of Serbia and Kosovo.

Stojanovic told BETA that the forming of the movement was in preparation for the next early parliamentary elections “which will most probably be held next year, together with the local elections.” According to Stojanovic, Vucic must present himself to his voters as the sole protector of Kosovo, Serbia and the Serbs.

“A percentage of Vucic’s voters openly display their dissatisfaction with the situation in Kosovo. Vucic is launching a new campaign to prove that he was not a traitor, nor had he surrendered or signed anything. This is one more media manipulation, aimed at covering up the facts found in the accepted French-German agreement – that it was a de facto and de jure recognition of Kosovo as independent,” Stojanovic assessed, adding that 70 percent of Serbia’s citizens did not know what deal Vucic had made in Brussels.

The media close to the Serbian Progressive Party have reported that President Aleksandar Vucic was forming the National Movement for the State and would tour the entire country in the forthcoming period. According to the reports, Vucic will seek the people’s support in the defense of Serbia and will start having contacts with the population in southern Serbia as of March 11.

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