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Progressives: Disgruntled Actors Can Work Elsewhere

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Archive / News | 25.05.23 | access_time 12:10

Darko Glisic (BetaPhoto/Milan Obradovic)

Actors dissatisfied with Serbia’s current regime can “go act somewhere else,” said Darko Glisic, the president of the Serbian Progressive Party’s executive committee.

Speaking for Happy TV on May 25, Glisic expressed his surprise that some actors are attending protests “side-by-side with [politicians] during whose reign there was 119 times less funds invested in films and shows than today.”

“I know a few personally. During the previous regime, they were living hand-to-mouth and barely scraping by. Now, however, during this so-called ‘dictatorship,’ they are filming six or seven shows a month. Yet, [Serbian President Aleksandar] Vucic is not good enough, is he? It’s not enough that investments [in the entertainment industry] have increased 119 times? You find the authorities, the regime repulsive? Well, don’t act then, go somewhere else to act!” Glisic said.

The Progressives official also called on the public to attend the party’s May 26 rally, while simultaneously criticizing the oppositional protests against violence, stating that they are being led by “failed politicians.”

Glisic concluded by apologizing in advance to Belgraders regarding the fact that the rally will stop traffic in the capital, adding that the Progressives will not be causing disruptions every week, “unlike others. . . when a few hundred people gather” and create chaos.

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