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Police Inspectors Who Exposed Crimes in Jovanjica Farm Dismissed

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The Office of the Minister of the Interior, Bratislav Gasic, dismissed on Aug. 28 a police inspector, Slobodan Milenkovic, from the leading post in the Belgrade Police Narcotics Division, and Dusan Mitic as head of operations in the same division, Zdenko Tomanovic’s law firm, representing the two police inspectors in the Jovanjica case, reported.

The law firm explained that “the decision made by the political police leadership not only removed the two inspectors from office, but prevented further investigation and verification of operative data regarding the Jovanjica case, which have been leading to the centers of power in the state.”

“The dismissals were also revengeful, and calculated to exert pressure on the two police officers ahead of their next testimony,” the Tomanovic law office said, adding that “the centers of power are trying to use the dismissals to falsify the presence and dismantle the past regarding the crimes concerned.”

The law office also said in a written statement that the dismissals were also sending a clear message that whoever refused to accept the lies from the centers of power, could expect to lose professional and personal security, getting instead a series of public accusations, insults, degradations and campaigns spearheaded by the parliament and tabloids.

“It is a pattern of action threatening the entire social and legal system,” the law office cautioned, promising to use all legal remedies before domestic courts, but also those made available by international institutions as well.

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