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Djuric: We Will Continue to Lead Policy that Suits State, People of Kosovo

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Marko Djuric: A Man for “Special Operations”

Serbian Office for Kosovo and Metohija Director Marko Djuric said on Aug. 13 that Belgrade had noted a statement from the Quint but that it would continue to lead its foreign and internal policy above all in accordance with its own interests and the interests of the people of Kosovo.

"Our answer is that we are ready to talk about everything when you lift your taxes and respect international law.  We do not accept the artificial placement of those who violate international agreements and those who oppose that on the same plane," Djuric said at a news conference in the Serbian government building.

Djuric said that the Quint's statement for Serbia contained several disputable things. "On the one side, you have the full and clear violation of CEFTA and Pristina's other international obligations and on the other, attempts to join international organizations which is against the U.N. Charter. And then Serbia is criticized for acting in accordance with international law," he said.

Djuric said that the tone of the statement showed what the outcome of the talks that the countries that issued the statement would strive for. "If you ask Serbia to stop lobbying for the preservation of its integrity and sovereignty and do not ask that Pristina to stop striving for this, then it is clear that the desired outcome of the dialog is the full acceptance of that kind of an outcome and result and the cessation of Serbia's resistance," he said.

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