TV Programs in Serbia in 2022 – Where are we going? | Beta Briefing

TV Programs in Serbia in 2022 – Where are we going?

Source: Beta
Archive / Analysis | 21.12.22 | access_time 21:30

Aleksandra Krstic (BetaPhoto/Private archive)

A Feature Article by Aleksandra Krstic, Professor at the University of Belgrade Faculty of Political Sciences


What do you watch on TV? I watch everything.

The average Serbian viewer watches five hours of TV every day. The people in Serbia are clearly on the heavy side, but very similar to the rest of the region, as international organizations and the European Broadcasting Union suggest in their polls over the past ten years. Serbia spends more in front of the TV sets than richer states in the north and west of Europe. And not only that. Serbia is home to 200 registered broadcasters, national TVs not included in the total.

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