Vucic: Coronavirus Diplomacy Will Not Make Serbia Stray from Path to the EU | Beta Briefing

Vucic: Coronavirus Diplomacy Will Not Make Serbia Stray from Path to the EU

Source: Beta/U.S. News and World Report website
Archive / News | 08.05.20 | access_time 12:13

Aleksandar Vucic (Beta/Serbian Presidency/Dimitrije Goll)

Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic has said that Serbia is grateful to all the countries that have helped it in the struggle against the coronavirus pandemic, but has also pointed out that those gestures of support and humaneness will not affect its path and that full membership in the EU remains the country's strategic goal.
In an op-ed for the U.S. News and World Report website on May 8, Vucic said that Serbia favored a pro-Western foreign policy even though it accepted aid from China and other countries in combating the coronavirus.
He also said that since the declaration of the coronavirus pandemic, China, Europe and the U.S. had within their "coronavirus diplomacy" aided many countries in the world but that some of them, like Serbia, had unjustly been "questioned over their willingness to request and receive support from a variety of partners."
Under the headline 'Coronavirus Diplomacy' Won't Change Serbia's Path, Vucic recalled, "In mid-March, the European Union abruptly put in place obstacles to the export of certain medical equipment to non-EU countries," while at the same time China began to offer assistance since it was emerging from the crisis just as coronavirus spread was intensifying in Europe and the U.S. 
The article, however, adds that China is not the only country that has helped Serbia and that, in financial terms, the EU is the single biggest donor while considerable aid has also come from friends in the U.S., which is itself facing immense challenges due to the epidemic.
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