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Parliament Session Begins After Incident Outside Building

Source: Beta/N1
Archive / News | 08.05.20 | access_time 12:23

Serbian parliament (Beta/Ana Slovic)

The start of a Serbian parliament session on May 8 was 45 minutes late due to an incident that happened outside the building, where MPs of the Dveri movement clashed with MP Marjan Risticevic.
At the beginning of the session, Speaker Maja Gojkovic said that the incident had been "a fascist attempt by MPs of Bosko Obradovic's Dveri and his supporters to block the work of the parliament and prevent the legitimate body from doing its job."
"All who know history know that this happened only when fascism was being born in Europe and now we must all resist this phenomenon, which has never occurred in Serbia, together," said Gojkovic, adding that MP Marjan Risticevic had been brutally attacked and that "the fascist hordes beat and kicked him and tore his suit jacket."
The Dveri MPs gathered in the morning on May 8 in front of the parliament building and during the protest insulted and attacked the ministers and ruling majority MPs while they were entering the building, N1 TV reports.
According to the report, Obradovic told Health Minister Zlatibor Loncar that he would be "doing time." Parliament security also intervened, and ruling majority MP Risticevic was recorded entering the building with his suit jacket torn. Obradovic claims there was no physical violence, while the Dveri MPs also claim that MP Milovan Drecun physically assaulted their colleague Marija Janjusevic.
"Someone has been violating the Constitution, tearing down all state institutions and manipulating, humiliating and insulting this people and state in every way. They have taken our life, freedom, finances and institutions, they have demolished all that is normal in the state. We are protesting because we are not going to take it anymore," said Obradovic.
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