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Psychologist: Public Manipulated, Crisis Headquarters Concealed the Truth

Source: Beta
Archive / News | 25.06.20 | access_time 17:11

Crisis Headquarters

Psychologist Zarko Trebjesanin has said that the Crisis Headquarters for fighting the coronavirus "concealed the truth, to say the least, which it should not have done," adding that, "This is immoral to the extreme" and a violation of professional ethics.

"It is clear that we were manipulated, as well as that whether [the authorities] will tighten measures this weekend and relax measures or completely cancel them in the following month, has a lot to more to do with political interests" than public health concerns, Trebjesanin told the latest issue of the Vreme magazine on June 25, commenting on the government's tactics for fighting the virus.

He also said that "the experts were idealized, the famous phrase 'that's what the officials say' was used as a taboo, as if God himself had ordained it."

"Then when we had a better look at things and compared different sources, we saw that the experts are not united, that politicians put people in the Crisis Headquarters who suited them or who would represent their interests, and not primarily the interests of professionals, that they were not going to tell us the facts and truth and that they are not there to inform us, but manipulate people," Trebjesanin said.

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