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Epidemiologist: Coronavirus Not Seasonal

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Archive / News | 29.07.20 | access_time 16:24

Dr Predrag Kon (BETAPHOTO/Serbian Government/Slobodan Miljevic)

Dr Predrag Kon, a leading Serbian epidemiologist, said on July 29 that Serbia's coronavirus situation was improving considerably, as the number of new infections had reached its peak and the country is flattening the curve, with the numbers falling gradually.

The doctor explained in an interview with the Serbian Broadcasting Corporation (RTS) that in the first wave of the Covid-19 outbreak that started in March the number of new cases reached a peaked in its 6th week, after which the number of new infections started to drop, whereas the current situation was different insofar as the peak took two weeks, with more infections and a slow drop in the coronavirus figures.

"At this point, when the numbers are going down, we should know that when they are down it doesn't mean that the outbreak is over. It is clear now that the coronavirus is not seasonal, but present and contagious at all times. Everything is up to us now," Dr Kon was explicit.

The epidemiologist added that the second wave of Covid-19 unveiled new facts about the virus and its life cycle, including that while pregnant women hadn't been considered a particularly vulnerable group before, there's a rising number of pregnant women in Serbia who had caught the virus, five of them with severe symptoms.

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