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Djilas: Regime in Serbia Will Change in 18 Months

Source: Beta
Archive / News | 02.10.20 | access_time 13:11

Dragan Djilas SSP (Photo: Luka Filipovic)

Dragan Djilas, president of the Party of Freedom and Justice, said on Oct. 2 that he was confident that the government in Serbia would change at all levels within 18 months.

Djilas told BETA that he based his optimism principally on the people having conquered fear and no longer wanting to live in a state where top officials are connected to organized crime and corruption.

He believes that elections at all levels will be called by the end of next year, "because the current state of affairs, where one man and one party have unlimited power, is unsustainable and leading Serbia to ruin."

"This regime behaves as if a new day will never come. It is high time to make Serbia a normal state, ruled by the Constitution and law," where the value system in any area will not be reminiscent of a reality show, Djilas said.

In an interview he gave to BETA Djilas spoke about the importance of a possible agreement between the government and opposition under the auspices of the European Parliament and the conditions under which the opposition would participate in the election.

Djilas also listed the first steps the opposition would take if it comes to power and what the people can expect if the regime changes.

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