Lawyer: Footage Showing Butchering Victims Must Not Be Aired | Beta Briefing

Lawyer: Footage Showing Butchering Victims Must Not Be Aired

Source: Beta
Archive / News | 02.03.21 | access_time 17:01

Rodoljub Sabic (Beta/Milan Obradovic)

Lawyer Rodoljub Sabic on March 2 said that broadcasting video footage of crimes committed by the criminal gang of Veljko Belivuk would breach the relevant laws and minimum ethical standards for media reporting.

Sabic told BETA news agency that the announced intention of the authorities to unveil details of the ongoing investigation against the Belivuk criminal gang, including video recordings that, according to the announcement, would “shock the entire Europe and the entire world,” was a confirmation that the public was faced with “a multiply harmful practice” of subordinating law and lasting social values to daily political interests.

Sabic further said that the so far TV broadcasts of segments of the tapped communication and surveillance of people were at odds with legal regulations, while “pursuing such practice and more robust broadcasts of such material would literally be scandalous.”

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