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European Movement: Rule of Law Too High a Political Price for Authorities

Source: Beta
Archive / News | 26.05.21 | access_time 12:15


European Movement vice-president Vladimir Medjak has said that since March 25, when the latest European Parliament report on Serbia was adopted, nothing has been done to implement the report’s recommendations concerning Serbia’s European integration.

Medjak told BETA on May 26 that in the past two months the Serbian authorities have not been referring to the European Union negatively, but that essentially they have made no major move indicating that the country is on the path toward EU membership.

“Certain steps forward could be made, but only in December, ahead of elections. Currently, changes to the Constitution are being prepared, but the amendments will not provide for the judiciary’s independence. The rule of law would be too high a political price for our authorities to pay,” the expert on EU integration explained.

“The essence of our progress toward EU membership is the judiciary’s independence. Without an independent judiciary there can be no fight against corruption and organized crime. This is why nothing is being done to resolve the criminal scandals such as Krusik, Jovanjica, Telekom or Savamala,” Medjak said.

He added that the European Parliament demands from Serbia that it makes a strategic plan to fight organized crime and grand corruption, but that regarding that, nothing has been done as yet.

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