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Attorney: Serbia Far from Rule of Law

Source: Beta
Archive / News | 25.11.21 | access_time 17:14

Zdenko Tomanovic (Photo: Youtube / Printscreen)

Attorney Zdenko Tomanovic has said that Serbia is far from rule of law which is necessary for a free and healthy society.


"Without rule of law there will be no free and healthy society. All efforts toward democratic and economic development will never establish either political or economic stability until the law is above everyone," Tomanovic told the Nov. 25 edition of the Vreme weekly.

He said that in Serbia "a prosecutor cannot take up any corruption scandal within institutions if there is no political will." He said that "the center of power is focused in a small group outside of institutions that is even trying to copy its model of morals onto society."

"Generally speaking, pathological legal behavior has been engendered. Ergo, we are looking at things that are, according to their legal nature and so obviously, absolutely prohibited. Orchestrated campaigns in which there is no limit to what is allowed, from insults, belittling, discrimination, disqualification, threats, lies, aggression, hatred and tensions have become standards of life," Tomanovic said.

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