Film Director: Vucic Has Turned Serbia into a Primitive Bog | Beta Briefing

Film Director: Vucic Has Turned Serbia into a Primitive Bog

Source: Beta
Archive / News | 03.01.22 | access_time 12:11

Goran Markovic (Photo: PrintScreen YouTube)

Film director Goran Markovic has said that Serbia's President Aleksandar Vucic has transformed the country into "a primitive bog" and that "God only knows what he will do next."

In a interview for Al Jazeera's regional website , Markovic stated that the recent "stupid, pointless attack" on him illustrates how the regime in Serbia operates.

"As soon as an issue arises which could damage the authorities' ratings, they stage nonexistent drama -- a conspiracy, an assassination [attempt] or the like -- and cause an uproar which the numbed people, flooded with lies daily, can no longer check and [therefore] accept as normal," Markovic said.

The film director believes that a turnaround will be possible for Serbia only once young people revolt, having realized what Vucic "is doing to their future."

"Short of that, I'm afraid I won't live to see better days in Serbia. Nor will those youths, who, having done nothing for themselves, will leave this country forever," Markovic concluded.

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