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We Must Coalition: Green-Left Policies Closely Tied to Quality of Life

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The We Must coalition's candidate for Belgrade mayor, Dobrica Veselinovic, said on March 25 that the green-left policies the coalition was advocating were closely tied to the matter of quality of life.

In an interview with daily Danas, he said that green-left policies were linked to "issues of dignified work and response to these big problems, like climate change." "They are problems that are seemingly not visible at first glance, but we see them through droughts in the summer, a lack of drinking water," said Veselinovic.

Veselinovic also said that there was an enormous sense of injustice in the society which was tied to the distribution of profit, pointing out "that someone, just because they are connected to the Serbian Progressive Party, has an opportunity to draw very big funds from public sources."

On the subject of Kosovo, Veselinovic said that it was a highly polarizing issue and that it required first a consensus and then a solution.

"For decades there has been spinning and using of conflicts that happened in our region. We have not learned any lessons from any conflict. We still have the question of whether the anti-fascist struggle in World War II is something we should be proud of," he stressed.

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