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Theatre Director: Belgrade’s Government Should Have Been Chased Away a Long Time Ago

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A member of the Parliament of Free Serbia, the theater director Milica Kralj, said on April 18 that in a well-organized society, inhabited by aware citizens who understand what laws and institutions are and who love their city, Belgrade’s government would have been chased away a long time ago, whatever the party its exponents might have belonged to.

Kralj said to a BETA journalist that it’s a depressing and concerning fact that we couldn’t be certain as to what the result of Belgrade’s election actually was, opening a host of issues.

“It’s embarrassing to list all the scandals and point to the obvious devastation of a capital for which every government in the world would have been dismissed, but the shame I feel comes from the fact that it seems to be perfectly all right for most of Belgraders, or they just don’t care. A crime was committed against Belgrade, but obviously the few care, and we, who would scream in helplessness and horror, are just some lone wraiths,” the theater director was explicit.

Kralj underlined that we had no choice but to simulate an election day. “This time we decided to  join that horrendous simulation en masse, hoping that the fact that Belgrade had been managed so catastrophically would be motive enough. The question is if we don’t have elections, do we have any choice whatsoever? And is it at all possible not to lose courage altogether after this post-election absurdity, or motivate yourself again to take part in another election simulation?” Kralj wants to know.

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