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Anniversary of Unpunished KLA Crime Against Pec Police Officers

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Archive / News | 06.07.22 | access_time 12:16

Srdjan Perovic, Foto: Private archive

July 6 marks the 24th anniversary of one of the most gruesome attacks members of the extremist Kosovo Liberation Army committed against Serbian police, claiming the lives of four police officers and leaving eight wounded.

The assault took place on July 6, 1998, when a KLA unit led by Mifar Shala ambushed police sent to evacuate two Serb families – the Vujosevics and the Radevics – from the village of Lodja, near Pec. The previous day, members of the KA issued ultimatums to both families, telling them to leave their homes.

Two dozen Pec police officers led by Captain Srdjan Perovic were tasked with the evacuation mission. En route to Lodje, the officers were ambushed by the KLA. After repelling that first attack, the police managed to evacuate the Radevics, but the police convoy was assaulted once more on its way to the home of the Vujosevics. Several dozen KLA members participated in the second attack, in which the police vehicle leading the convoy was hit by an RPG.

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