Don’t Let Belgrade D(r)own to Become Political Party | Beta Briefing

Don’t Let Belgrade D(r)own to Become Political Party

Source: Beta
Archive / News | 24.11.22 | access_time 14:09


In an interview for the Vreme weekly, Radomir Lazovic, an MP of Don’t Let Belgrade D(r)own, announced that the movement is “absolutely ready” to become a political party and that the new organization’s name and platform will be known following the movement’s upcoming Dec. 14. general assembly.

According to Lazovic, how this transformation will unfold shall depend on “outside circumstances.” “If elections are held, we’ll found the party ahead of them. If not, we’ll give ourselves a bit of time, but the new name and program will be known on Dec. 14, when the movement’s next assembly will be held,” Lazovic said.

Asked about the rumors that new local Belgrade elections will take place in the spring, Lazovic opined that this will happen “only if it suits the authorities or if they lose the majority,” and not as a concession to the opposition.

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