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Serbs Protesting in Rudare in Kosovo's North Condemn Pristina's Behavior

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The Serbs held a peaceful protest in the town of Rudare in northern Kosovo on Dec. 22, condemning the behavior of the Pristina authorities and seeking justice for the Serbs who, they claim, have been arrested without grounds.

According to media reports in Belgrade, the protesters held banners reading "We are not criminals, Kurti's special units are," "Ambassador Rohde, this is not Germany, this is Serbia!" and "Why are we criminals for wanting freedom?"

Next to banners reading "Kurti threatens with murder, Europe stays silent" and "Justice for Dejan, Miljan and Sladjan" (the arrested Serbs), the people protesting at the Cross in Rudare spread a 250-meter long Serbian flag. This was the 13th day of the Serbs' barricades in northern Kosovo, and they maintain that they would only remove them after the release of the three arrested Serbs and the withdrawal of the Kosovo special police from the north.

The president of the Serb Ticket, Goran Rakic, stated during his address of the gathering that the reasons for the protest were "the daily terror and unlawful arrests of the Serbs by Pristina, the secret hit lists of Serbs and the harassment of the Serb people by the Kosovo special police." The president of the Strpce municipality, Dalibor Jevtic, stated that the gathering in Rudare sent a clear message about the Serbs being united in the fight for "living on their land in peace."

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