NGO: Vucic Facilitating Recognition of Kosovo’s Independence by all EU Countries | Beta Briefing

NGO: Vucic Facilitating Recognition of Kosovo’s Independence by all EU Countries

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By accepting the so-called French-German, Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic had facilitated recognition of Kosovo’s independence also by five EU countries, Get Going for Change movement leader Savo Manojlovic said on Feb. 28.

Manojlovic told BETA that Vucic had been accepting everything in Brussels, while being “brave” only when speaking for TV Pink. “By accepting this agreement, Vucic is allowing five EU countries - Greece, Slovakia, Romania, Cyprus, and Spain, which have not recognized Kosovo as an international subject,   to acknowledge it now, as Serbia has agreed to it. This actually is establishing ground for these countries not to recognize secession against the will of the mother country [Serbia], but with its consent,” Manojlovic specified.  

According to Manojlovic, a similar thing was done with signing the Washington document, under which “Serbia agreed to Israeli’s recognition of Kosovo.”  

“The only disputable issue is obviously an Association/Community of Serb-majority Municipalities, which [Kosovo Premier] Albin Kurti is not willing to create, although it was agreed back in 2013. Vucic needs this association for to proclaim its creation as a great victory,” Manojlovic stressed.

According to Manojlovic, in the constitutional and legal context, an Association/Community of Serb-majority Municipalities has no serious legal powers typical for federal units, or even provinces, noting that in this respect, drawing any parallel with Republika Srpska was baseless.  

“This agreement is pushing the entire region, but also the world into a major disaster. Now, weak international law can even more be interpreted in whatever way someone wants. This agreement will only add fuel to the war in Ukraine, while also flaring up some other flashpoints,” Manojlovic stressed.

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