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Newly-Elected Montenegrin President Vows to Lead Country into EU

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Late on April 2, following the preliminary results report on Montenegro’s presidential elections, winner Jakov Milatovic announced that he would be a president to all Montenegrin citizens and vowed to ensure the country joined the European Union within the next five years.

Speaking from his party’s election headquarters, Milatovic added that he would endeavor to maintain the best possible relations with neighboring countries and promote unity, harmony and progress throughout the European Western Balkans.

The preliminary results of the second round of Montenegro’s presidential elections – based on 100 percent of ballots cast – indicate that Milatovic won around 60 percent of votes while incumbent president Milo Djukanovic, of the Democratic Party of Socialists, won about 40 percent, the NGO Centar za Monitoring i Istrazivanje (CeMi) has announced.

Djukanovic congratulated Milatovic on his victory and said that he respects the will of the Montenegrin people. He reminded the public that he will remain president until May 21, adding that it is important for Montenegro to make its choice on the June 11 parliamentary elections as well.

Political analyst Milos Besic maintains that Milatovic’s victory represents “the end of the cycle” started by the defeat of the Democratic Party of Socialists in 2020. It marks the departure of the country’s previous political elite and the dawn of a new generation of politicians.

According to Vesko Garcevic, a professor of international relations at Boston University, Jakov Milatovic’s presidential victory was to be expected, but it will also plunge Montenegro into a time of uncertainty because Milatovic’s Europe Now! movement is neither politically nor ideologically cohesive.

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