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Speaker: Request for Referendum on EU’s Kosovo Plan a Mockery

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Archive / News | 17.04.23 | access_time 12:30

Vladimir Orlic dialog (Photo: Luka Filipovic)

Serbian Parliament Speaker Vladimir Orlic, who is also the vice president of the Serbian Progressive Party’s steering committee, said on April 17 that the People’s Party’s request for a referendum to be called on the Franco-German plan for normalizing relations with Kosovo is a mockery.

“It is nothing but a mockery with ulterior motives. Its purpose is to allow them to compete amongst themselves in who will be most visible in their tycoon-owned media and who will be loudest in attacking, in lambasting [Serbian President] Aleksandar Vucic, saying how now, allegedly, nothing is as it should be,” Orlic told Pink TV when asked to comment on the referendum and claims that Vucic cannot decide the fate of Kosovo on his own.

“Let’s be clear, everyone knows that, according to our Constitution, the president of state represents Serbia at home and abroad, that he was directly chosen by the people of this country to enact the policy the people have chosen,” Orlic stated.

Asked about the opposition’s claims that he, as parliament speaker, continues to delay calling a session of parliament so as to avoid discussions of Kosovo and Metohija i.e. the Franco-German plan, Orlic labeled such assertions “false and hypocritical.”

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