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Vucic’s Former Associate Accuses Him of Wiretapping, Criminal Activity

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Stanislava Pak (YTPrintScreen)

On June 1, Stanislava Pak – who was, until recently, a member of the main committee of the Serbian Progressive Party – stated that President Aleksandar Vucic has directed his energy on destroying those who disagree with him and on dissolving the Serbian state. Through a system of international corruption, Vucic has long managed to hide the magnitude of his crimes and tyranny, yet both are now more than obvious wherever one may choose to look, Pak added.

In an op-ed for the NIN weekly, Pak, who also served as a media advisor to former president Tomislav Nikolic, further claimed she had reason to believe that Vucic has been wiretapping her phone for at least the past seven years.

In late 2016, a tabloid front page featured a photo of Pak and then opposition MP Djordje Vukadinovic along with the headline “Treason: A Pact with Vucic’s Enemy!?”. The accompanying article included several other photos of the duo from various angles, as well as a transcript of their conversation.

“This examples shows the practice of illegal surveillance and conversation recording – whether mine or Vukadinovic’s is irrelevant,” Pak wrote and added that, “just a few minutes after” her meeting with Vukadinovic, Vucic phoned her to mock her.

“I’ll continue my activities using the avenues available to me. I believe my former colleagues from the [RTS public service] will contact me as well, although their editorial policy is – as Vucic himself noted – similar to that of the state television in Pyongyang,” Pak concluded.

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