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Vucic: Public Opinion Polls Show Opposition’s Ratings Low

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Archive / News | 14.08.23 | access_time 08:39

Aleksandar Vucic, Pozarevac/Golubac, July 12 2023 (BETAPHOTO/SERBIAN PRESIDENCY/DIMITRIJE GOLL)

Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic said on Aug. 13 that the results of two public opinion polls showed that the ratings of opposition parties were very low.

Speaking on Pink TV, he stressed that he was still extending his hand to the opposition in the hope that it would be accepted so that together they could build the country. "I expected some of them [the opposition] to say -- we want to help elevate Serbia. But they prefer criticizing it for no reason," Vucic said.

He added that he was facing criticism over the construction of a stadium and being berated for not building hospitals and schools. "We have built an all-new Clinical Center in Nis, reconstructed the one in Belgrade, and are upgrading the one in Novi Sad. Three COVID hospitals were built in three months and will now enter the system -- the Ministry of Health will decide their purpose. They haven't built a single hospital, literally. But they do know how to criticize," Vucic said.

He also explained that the state was investing in the construction of new and reconstruction of old sports stadiums because they looked terrible, while they could be places where families would go to watch games and that they would have additional content, too.

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