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Access to Banjska Blocked, Security Situation Still Precarious

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A large number of police officers in armored vehicles have been positioned around the village of Banjska in north Kosovo, Belgrade media reported on Sept. 25.

In the wake of the shootout which claimed the lives of three assailants and one Kosovo policeman two nights ago, all entrance points to the Banjska have been blocked. Traffic from Raska toward Leposavic is also stalled, although it is possible to travel from Leposavic toward central Serbia.

The Kosovo Police Force has stated that while the frequency of gunfire exchanged in the village has lessened, the security situation remains precarious, adding that officers continued their search of the settlement and its surroundings throughout the night of Sept. 24-25.

Another individual who participated in the attack was apprehended in the evening of Sept. 24. According to the latest tally, three assailants were killed while two were arrested, as were four more persons possessing illegal communication devices, suspected of being linked to the assault.

The Kosovo Prosecutors’ Office has announced that the investigation on the ground is ongoing and that the individuals in custody are suspected of serious crimes against constitutional order and security – an attack on the constitutional order and the preparation of terrorist acts. After 48 hours of detention, they should be brought before a judge on Sept. 25.

Commenting on the events in Banjska, Serbia Predsident Aleksandar Vucic has said that Sept. 24 was the hardest day Serbia and the Serbian people have experienced since 2004 and 2008. He underlined that the murder of the Kosovo police officer is reprehensible and detrimental for everyone, but also warned that Kosovo Prime Minister Albin Kurti is aspiring to embroil Serbia in a conflict with NATO.

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