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Vucic Expects High Turnout, Landslide Victory

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Archive / News | 18.12.23 | access_time 08:52

Aleksandar Vucic, elections Dec. 17 2023 (BETAPHOTO/MILOS MISKOV)

Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic said on Dec. 17 after voting at a polling station in New Belgrade that he expected a very good turnout and a landslide victory for the Serbia Must Not Stop ticket, rallied round the Serbian Progressive Party.

"When I say landslide victory, I believe that the Serbia Must Not Stop ticket will be close to an absolute majority or have an absolute majority. I think that is an important condition for Serbia to continue on the path of prosperity," Vucic told reporters after casting his ballot.

He reiterated that if the Serbia Must Not Stop ticket which he heads lost the election, he would sit down with everyone and discuss "the date of a new presidential vote." He added that he hoped that all participants in the elections would behave rationally, responsibly and seriously, but that he was not sure that that would happen.

Speaking about Serbs in Kosovo and Metohija who were not permitted to vote by Pristina and were forced to exercise their voting rights in Serbia proper, Vucic said there was crowding at all of the polling stations that they were assigned to. "It will not be easy, and has not been. I do not want to make false promises to anyone, but we will behave responsibly and we will keep our territory," Vucic said.

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