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Vucic Talks with U.S. Senators

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Vucic with U.S. senators

President Aleksandar Vucic on Sept. 6 said that Serbia could not recognize Kosovo as an independent state unless a compromise solution was reached, adding that Belgrade’s position on the issue was not easy.

“Our position is not easy… The Albanians expect to receive a confirmation of what they believe they have absolutely gained. They do not want to settle for anything less, because they do not want to accept the fact that their state would never be consolidated without Serbia. Of course, the strongest pressure will be exerted on Serbia. But, Serbia cannot recognize Kosovo’s independence unless a compromise solution is reached. It is not much philosophy involved. And we can be tormented by anyone,” Vucic told a news conference.

After the meeting with U.S. senators Ron Johnson and Chris Murphy in Belgrade,  Vucic once again stressed that Serbia wished to reach a compromise settlement with Pristina, but that such a settlement could not fully satisfy the goals of one side, while leaving Belgrade without anything.

Vucic said that an agreement should be enabled that would ensure that both sides would suffer equal losses and have equal gains.

He added that the meeting with senators had predominantly focused on the Kosovo issue, and thanked the guests on their effort toward finding a solution for resuming the dialogue and for wishing to find a compromise solution between Belgrade and Pristina.

U.S. Senators: Washington Will Back Settlement To Be Reached Between Belgrade and Pristina

U.S. Senators Ron Johnson and Chris Murphy in Belgrade on Sept. 6 said that Washington supported the Belgrade-Pristina dialogue and that it would back a settlement that the two sides would reach.

“America is here to be your friend and both nations will be provided great support in reaching an agreement,” Senator Johnson told a news conference after meeting Vucic.

Johnson added that instead of saying that the U.S. was exerting pressure, he would use the term ‘support’ to Serbia and Kosovo, by which Washington wished to give space to the two nations to decide on their own how a future agreement would look like.

“In the end of the process, we will back a settlement between them, and an agreement,” Senator Johnson said.

Johnson further said the U.S. was aware that every person wished to live in peace and stability, to raise their families and to see their country’s economic progress, which was why the U.S. wished to encourage Serbia and Kosovo in resolving the outstanding issues, but had not solution for something to be given here and taken away there.

“Probably, not all will be equally happy,” Johnson noted.

Senator Murphy said he hoped that after the upcoming early elections in Kosovo, Pristina would take certain steps toward restarting talks with Belgrade.

“We have come to convey the completely clear message that both, the Republicans and the Democrats in the Congress, stand by Serbia and want a strong partnership,” Murphy said.

He further said that Washington would offer assistance in every way, adding they hoped that Serbia would pursue its EU path and get closer to many U.S. political and economic allies in Europe.

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