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Vucic: NIN Front Page Was Djilas' Idea

Source: Beta/Pink
Archive / News | 29.11.19 | access_time 11:37

Aleksandar Vucic (Beta/Milos Miskov)

Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic has said that the person behind the controversial front page of weekly NIN was Party of Freedom and Justice leader Dragan Djilas, who is "obsessed with money and power and cannot bear the fact that he can no longer steal like he could before."

He pointed out that Djilas needed money to pay for protests, to pay journalists and televisions, which was why he wanted to come to power quickly.

As a guest on Pink TV's morning show, Vucic said he was sorry that the owner and publisher of NIN had withdrawn the front page on which "a sniper is pointed at the president," adding that he would like it to be published every day so that the image of those who wished to lead Serbia could be seen.

"They call me a traitor, a psychopath, a man with AIDS, even that I'm the head of the drug mafia, that my brother talks on the phone with the man arrested for growing marijuana, and all that shows that the policy of Marinika Tepic and Dragan Djilas is in fact (Tabloid newspaper owner) Milovan Brkic's policy," said Vucic.

Vucic accused Brkic of being "a racketeer who attacks in his tabloid all who won't give him money," underscoring that Brkic never attacked anyone from the Socialist Party of Serbia and certain senior officials of the Serbian Progressive Party - because they give him money.

"He attacks some ministers and some he doesn't, depending on whether they are paying him a racket," said Vucic.

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