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Jeremic: Participation in Election under Present Conditions Insults Intelligence of Ordinary People

Source: Beta/N1
Archive / News | 11.12.19 | access_time 12:49

Vuk Jeremic (Beta/Milan Obradovic)

People’s Party president Vuk Jeremic has said that to participate in elections under the existing conditions equals insulting the intelligence of ordinary people.

He added that a new visit by European parliamentarians, who act as mediators between the government and the opposition, due on Dec. 12, would not bring relevant changes.

In a show on N1 TV Jeremic also said he believes the EU representatives are acting in good will so that the current political crisis in Serbia could be overcome, but that the regime in not ready to make any “substantial” steps that would ensure a fair election.

Commenting on some changes adopted to improve the election conditions, Jeremic said they were just “on paper,” and that the situation has turned for the worse over the past several weeks, i.e. since the EU mediation had begun.

According to him, all those who would play a role in “the staged circus dubbed spring elections” will actually help offer “legitimacy to this regime that has long ago parted ways with democracy, the rule of law and the fundamental norms of a modern society and civilization.”

Jeremic said he has information that Andjelko Vucic, the father of Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic, ”very frequently visits the Security and Information Agency’s [secret police] headquarters.”

He publicly asked the agency’s director, Branislav Gasic, whether that is true, and “if it is, what is pensioner Andjelko Vucic doing there? According to information received from Bruno Djuran, he is actually issuing orders on who and in what way should be placed under surveillance. These are my assumptions,” Jeremic said.

Asked about an incident that took place on Dec. 7 in front of the Serbian Parliament (Dveri leader Bosko Obradovic’s pounding on its door with a flag pole), Jeremic said that this was not “the best example of strategic planning and thinking; it happened, [it was] not something worthy of praise.”

He added that he didn’t know that this was to happen, but that he is not sure Bosko Obradovic knew that either.

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