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Katica Janeva Gives Herself EUR157,000 as Salary Supplement 

Source: Beta/Prizma
Archive / SEE Business | 26.11.19 | access_time 10:04

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The dismissed special prosecutor for wiretapped conversations of North Macedonia, Katica Janeva, had over the four years she spent in office paid herself EUR157,000 through special supplements, local media reported on Nov. 22. 

In addition to her regular salary, Janeva received a fee in exchange for not revealing what she had learned in the wiretapped conversations she had been tasked with keeping, and she also took a supplement for rent and for working outside the city she lived in. 

The second indictee in the Extortion Affair received the bulk of the additional EUR157,000 as a supplement for confidentiality and for not revealing what she had heard in the “bombs,” the website Prizma says in an analysis of a database from the Open Finances website, set up by the Ministry of Finance a few days ago. 

The supplement increased over the course of Janeva’s four-year term in office, from EUR1,600 to 4,000. The database shows that the first time she took the confidentiality supplement was in November 2015. 

The confidentiality supplement is envisaged by the Law on the Special Prosecutor’s Office for Wiretapped Conversations, and according to Prizma’s information Janeva had defined its amount on her own, via a special decision. The former special prosecutor, who was arrested on Aug. 21, every month during her term in office took EUR42 for working outside her place of residence and EUR400 for rent. 

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