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The Continuing Battle for a Free and Democratic Serbia

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Dear subscribers, the staff of BetaWeek has opted for something a little unusual this week instead of the regular biography. Below is an article penned by Zoran Lutovac, president of the Democratic Party, on the party’s “birthday.” The Democratic Party was founded on Feb. 3, 31 years ago. Formerly a political “giant,” the party has been searching for a new identity for some time now. Herein are party president Zoran Lutovac’s thoughts in an article that obliges only the author.

The Continuing Battle for a Free and Democratic Serbia

This year again the Democratic Party will spend the anniversary of its renewal working. In happier times this would have been a time for celebration, merrymaking and socializing. The Democratic Party will not allow itself that luxury this year, like the past nine in Serbia in which there has been no cause for celebration.

Today we remember the 31stanniversary of the renewal of the Democratic Party, the most important political party in Serbia’s recent political history. We will only recall that we stood by the citizens in the past several years in the most difficult of times. Together we stood in front of police cordons, we went through bombs and wars. Together we opened the country to the world after toppling the regime that had ravaged Serbia. We were always there. We once led the way. Sometimes we made mistakes. However, we were always accountable to the citizens of Serbia for our mistakes, aware of the damage caused by all those who worked for themselves, hidden behind the honorable name of the Democratic Party.

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