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Civic Platform: Pre-Elections in Opposition Could Restore Citizens' Trust

Source: Beta
News / Politics | 07.04.21 | access_time 12:24

Elections in Serbia (BetaPhoto/Dragan Gojic)

Civic Platform president Jovan Jovanovic said on April 7 that party pre-elections within the opposition could serve as a way for winning the trust of citizens and boosting their participation in elections, but would also show that the opposition is different from the authorities and can be an alternative to the regime.

Jovanovic told BETA that talks on the matter, including the details defining what these pre-elections should look like, are currently under way.

„To make it purposeful, the procedure should be agreed on by next summer, with the elections organized before next autumn, since the local vote in Belgrade is due next year,“ Jovanovic said.

The idea, according to him, is to have the opposition, primarily its members that have boycotted the latest polls, come forth with one or several candidates who can represent an alternative to the regime.

Party pre-elections, Jovanovic pointed out, are related to the dialogue on improving election conditions that should be mediated by members of the European Parliament, but are not dependent on it.

„The opposition cannot fight only for democratic and fair election conditions; it also has to simultaneously work on strengthening its ranks and offering a credible alternative to the ruling regime,“ the president of the Civic Platform explained.

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