Epidemiologist: Covid-19 Epidemic Has Become Ground for Political Showdown | Beta Briefing

Epidemiologist: Covid-19 Epidemic Has Become Ground for Political Showdown

Source: Beta
News / Politics | 14.09.21 | access_time 17:24

Dr Predrag Kon (BETAPHOTO/Serbian Government/Slobodan Miljevic)

Epidemiologist Predrag Kon on Sept. 14 said that the coronavirus epidemic in Serbia had become a ground for political confrontations, which was why countermeasures had not been obeyed.

“A huge number of citizens have their political affiliations which is why the coronavirus situation in Serbia is at is,” Kon, a member of the Crisis Headquarters, told state public broadcaster RTS.

He further said that the number of daily cases in Serbia would rise above 8,000, stressing that he could not understand why citizens had been rejecting vaccination as it was “the only way out” of the epidemic.

Kon further said he “hoped” that health passes would be introduced. “It is to be debated. Now, preparations are underway on how they will be implemented and who will be controlling them,” he said. Kon added that children also had to be vaccinated as they were the biggest carriers, noting that immunization of children should be decided first by pediatricians and then parents.  

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