Epidemiologist: 24-Hour Covid Passes Bare Minimum for Slowing Down Epidemic | Beta Briefing

Epidemiologist: 24-Hour Covid Passes Bare Minimum for Slowing Down Epidemic

Source: Beta
News / Politics | 25.10.21 | access_time 13:04

Predrag Kon

Epidemiologist Predrag Kon said on Oc. 25 that the introduction of around-the-clock Covid passes is “an absolute minimum” requisite for reducing the Covid-19 infection rate in Serbia.

Kon said that the current practice of demanding passes only after 10 p.m. is not enough to significantly curtail the epidemic. He told Pink TV that there has been a “mild” rise in the daily number of newly-infected over the past week, adding that he does “not anticipate a lessening of infection [rates]” given the upcoming cold season and the fact that, in Serbia, it coincides with the high season for family patron saint feasts – known as ‘slavas’.

“[Infection rates] will remain high over the next two weeks and we [also] have an unfavorable season coming up. The only way out of this situation is accelerated vaccination, while the absolute minimum [requisite] for reducing infection [rates] is the introduction of 24-hour Covid passes – and even that will only offer temporary respite,” Kon said and warned that the healthcare system “is collapsing” because “a huge number of patients are not going for check-ups out of fear of Covid.”

With regards to vaccination, Kon stated that immunization has stalled “because someone planted the idea that there is no virus.” “We are approaching 7 million doses administered and haven’t had a single death from the vaccine[s]. We’ve had dozens of serious adverse side-effects and they have been documented by the Medicines [and Medical Devices] Agency, but those numbers are insignificant. Just look at how many people have been hospitalized due to Covid compared to how many [have been hospitalized] due to the vaccine[s],” Kon said and added that Serbia has not yet recorded any cases of infection with Covid’s Delta variant.

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