Democrat Leader: We’ll Use all Means to Defend the Will of the People | Beta Briefing

Democrat Leader: We’ll Use all Means to Defend the Will of the People

Source: Beta
News / Politics | 28.03.22 | access_time 15:34


The Democratic Party leader, Zoran Lutovac, second on the list of candidates “Marinika Tepic – United for the Victory of Serbia,” said on March 28 that he hoped it would never occur to Aleksandar Vucic not to accept the will of the people expressed in the April polls, or to try to rig it.

Lutovac said in an interview with BETA that if election rigging happened on April 3, the authorities would face the justified rage of “disenfranchised and humiliated citizens of Serbia.” “I am confident that the citizens would not take election irregularities lightly, and that they are prepared to defend their will with all legal and legitimate means, including outside institutions,” Lutovac said.

In a comment on a large number of voter notifications sent to “phantom tenants,” Lutovac said that “one can expect anything but free and fair elections from the phantom government led by ‘complete idiots’, as referred to by Aleksandar Vucic.”

When asked if the coalition his party had joined would have enough controllers to cover all election posts, Lutovac said that the coalition had some 23,000 trained and motivated controllers, prepared to defend each and every vote.

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