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MP Jankovic: Opposition Needs to Find Common Ground

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News / Politics | 11.08.22 | access_time 11:49


National Assembly MP Vladeta Jankovic has said that, if the opposition truly wants to undermine the “toxic regime” led by President Aleksandar Vucic and his Serbian Progressive Party, the members of the opposition must find common ground. To this end, Jankovic offered to help by mediating between the various opposition factions.

“A third of Parliament is of an oppositional mindset – and that offers huge potential. What is highly regrettable are the tensions within the opposition. If anything scares me it’s that this oppositional potential in Parliament will go to waste due to the possible escalation of friction between, first and foremost, the People’s Party and the Freedom and Justice Party,” Jankovic told the latest issue of the Vreme weekly.

Commenting on Serbia’s current leadership, Jankovic stated that “Vucic’s personality cult has grown to proportions we’ve only ever witnessed with Stalin, and possibly Tito at some point” adding that it is “quite comparable to Far Eastern examples.”

In last April’s elections, Jankovic ran for Belgrade city mayor as a candidate of the United for the Victory of Serbia coalition. As the oldest MP, Jankovic presided over the constituting session of the newly-formed National Assembly of Serbia, telling his fellow representatives that “the heart of the state should rest within the walls of the House of Parliament, not across the street”, alluding to the nearby offices of President Vucic.

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