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Opposition Asking Gov't to Reject European Proposal for Kosovo

Source: Beta
News / Politics | 27.01.23 | access_time 12:10


Serbia should adamantly reject the European proposal for resolving the Kosovo issue, opposition People's Party leader Vuk Jeremic said late on Jan. 26, adding that he believed no significant document would be signed in the near future.

He told N1 TV that it was very dangerous to engage in negotiations on the future status of the province outside the U.N. Security Council.

"The German-French paper is only about the status of Kosovo and Metohija and nothing else. That is why one should kindly say 'thank you' and 'no.' Therefore, the concept of negotiations in the Quint format should be dismissed because Serbia has no allies there. The only body where the future status of Kosovo and Metohija can be discussed is the U.N. Security Council and that is stated both in Resolution 1244 and the opinion of the International Court of Justice," said Jeremic.

He further said that Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic was leading a highly risky policy by getting into negotiations with the Quint because that could put Serbia in a situation like the one in Rambouillet overnight, and "a paper that cannot be both signed and not signed appears on the table," i.e. things spiral out of control in the security, diplomatic and political sense.

"I cannot imagine anyone normal and in their right mind putting their signature on an act of high treason, i.e. a document that brings self-proclaimed 'Kosovo' into the U.N. Everyone is smart enough to understand that. Vucic may be crazy, but he is not stupid. People are put on trial for high treason in modern Europe, like in Spain," said Jeremic.

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