Former Ombudsman: Sanctions against Vulin Paint a Dark Picture of Serbia | Beta Briefing

Former Ombudsman: Sanctions against Vulin Paint a Dark Picture of Serbia

Source: Beta
News / Politics | 20.07.23 | access_time 15:42

Sasa Jankovic

Former ombudsman Sasa Jankovic said that if Security Information and Information Agency Director Aleksandar Vulin stayed in his position after U.S. sanctions against him "the list of unwanted persons for cooperation could continue growing" and that he did not believe that Vulin would hold on to his seat for very long.

"As for evidence, I do not believe that  the U.S. has anything that people in our institutions do not know about. Nothing in the explanation surprised anyone and there is nothing there to be handed over officially. However, something could be leaked to the media, such as the content of 'Sky' conversations," Jankovic, who was Serbia's first ombudsman and is now a consultant for human rights and control of the security sector, said in an interview with the July 20 edition of Vreme.

He added that, "The authorities are now afraid of any formal evidence and what the domestic judiciary could do with it." "The bad thing is that the key to this pressure is in foreign hands, and they choose when and what button to press in their interest, but it is a lot, lot worse that there is material for this pressure," Jankovic said.

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