Dodik: I’ll Support Vucic’s Ticket Although He Didn’t Support Me | Beta Briefing

Dodik: I’ll Support Vucic’s Ticket Although He Didn’t Support Me

Source: Beta
News / Politics | 30.11.23 | access_time 11:55

.Milorad Dodik, Aleksandar Vucic, Belgrade, September 11 2020 (BETAPHOTO/MILOS MISKOV/DS)

Republika Srpska President Milorad Dodik has said that he will back the Aleksandar Vucic – Serbia Must Not Stop ticket in Serbia’s upcoming elections despite the fact that Vucic did not offer him the same support at Srpska’s general elections held last year.

“It’s in Srpska’s interest that [Vucic] win and I will vote for the Serbian Progressive Party. It’s true that he didn’t support me. Some lower-level Progressives even attempted to influence the outcome of the [Srpska] elections,” Dodik told the latest edition of the NIN weekly.

Dodik confirmed that said Progressives openly championed his rival, Jelena Trivic, adding: “I’d say that should indicate we have a democracy.”
“The Alliance of Independent Social Democrats has members who don’t support Vucic’s policies. But, unlike others, I understand what it means to restore a neglected country. As for my relationship with Vucic, it's untouchable and our cooperation is excellent,” Dodik said.

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