Vucic: EU, U.S. and Pristina on the Same Page When It Comes to Kosovo’s Independence | Beta Briefing

Vucic: EU, U.S. and Pristina on the Same Page When It Comes to Kosovo’s Independence

Source: Beta
News / Region | 23.07.20 | access_time 11:58

Aleksandar Vucic (FOTOBETA/Milan Obradovic)

“In Brussels [talks] we are not confronting the Albanians; it doesn’t matter whether you are talking with the Albanians or the U.S. and the EU. They all think the same and wish us the same. They want independence for Kosovo within its present-day framework and borders, such as the Albanians have proclaimed,” Vucic said for the RTS public service in the evening of July 22.

He added that “everyone, except Russia and China” want Belgrade to recognize Kosovo’s independence, and added that Serbia would be “isolated, condemned and done with as a country” should its authorities decline to go to negotiations with Kosovo’s representatives.    

In the same interview, Vucic said that everyone in the region have been rapidly arming themselves, which indicates that “something strange is going on.”

“Today, I received a full report for the entire region and was shocked, as I haven’t looked at the report in two and a half months. Compared to Croatia, we’re very much behind when it comes to armored vehicles; we have enormous problems with training and additional arming of the Kosovo army,” Vucic said for RTS.

Talking about the current situation in Serbia, Vucic said that the government will assist small and medium-sized enterprises by granting them 60 percent of the minimum-wage for every employee, for July and August.

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