Serb Member of the Bosnian Presidency Refuses any sort of Collective Responsibility for Srebrenica | Beta Briefing

Serb Member of the Bosnian Presidency Refuses any sort of Collective Responsibility for Srebrenica

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News / Region | 21.05.24 | access_time 17:05

Presidency of Bosnia and Herzegovina (Photo: PrintScreen YouTube)

The Serb member of the Bosnia and Herzegovina Presidency, Zeljka Cvijanovic, in Banjaluka on May 21 said she refused any kind of collective responsibility for the events of the past, noting that “it is sick, useless and aggravating to insist on adoption of a resolution on Srebrenica in the UN General Assembly, while in parallel advocating maintaining respect and coexistence in Bosnia and Herzegovina.”

“Anyone abusing anyone’s bad fate should be pilloried. Collective responsibility is out of question. And that is the intention of sick minds. We refuse any sort of collective responsibility,” Cvijanovic told reporters in Banjaluka.

Courts had given their opinions on the crimes committed in Srebrenica, although, she said, many today believed that such verdicts were inadequate and did not reflect the actual facts. Speaking about the vote which the UN General Assembly is scheduled to take on May 23, Cvijanovic said that a machinery was behind the whole thing, adding that amid the developments across the globe, Srebrenica was being used as some point of reconciliation.

In case the resolution on Srebrenica was adopted, it would be in a vote not representing a consensus or unanimous global support, she noted. “I can say that this is unnecessary now. Social networks have gone into a frenzy, which is actually revealing the hidden intentions. So, no one can be telling us that there are no concealed intentions,” the Serb member of the Bosnian Presidency stressed. 

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