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Nevena Ruzic, a Candidate of the Non-government Sector

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Archive / Biographies | 11.07.19 | access_time 10:31

Nevena Ruzic

Quite expectedly, NGO and opposition candidate for commissioner for information of public importance and personal data protection Nevena Ruzic failed to receive the support of Parliament’s Committee on Culture for the post.

This is the result of relations on the political scene in Serbia i.e. the fact that Ruzic has been part of former commissioner Rodoljub Sabic’s team for almost ten years, while Sabic himself has been under strong pressure from the ruling bloc for years.

She is currently an assistant to the commissioner service’s secretary-general in the sector for harmonization and earlier performed a number of key positions in the institution.

NGOs and opposition MPs believe that her vast experience, as well as the knowledge that she gained during training courses in different countries around the world, made her the perfect candidate. Despite that, so-called political suitability has become one of the most important factors for selecting individuals for important positions in public government positions.

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