Blagojevic: Biden Expects Recognition of Kosovo, the EU Will Lead the Talks | Beta Briefing

Blagojevic: Biden Expects Recognition of Kosovo, the EU Will Lead the Talks

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Archive / News | 09.11.20 | access_time 18:24

Dragan Blagojevic (BETAPHOTO)

U.S. president-elect Joseph Biden expects Belgrade to recognize Kosovo's independence, but the leading role in the Belgrade-Pristina dialogue will probably be left to the European Union, BETA's long-time Brussels correspondent Dragan Blagojevic said on Nov. 9.

Although the positions of Biden's administration and Brussels on Kosovo may be different, the objectives are the same, both Europe and America want that issue to finally be resolved, Blagojevic told N1 TV and added that "the majority of EU countries, primarily Germany, are behind the stance that at some point Serbia will have to recognize the independence of Kosovo. And there is no difference there, it is very clear that Biden wants something like that, too."

He went on to say that he did not believe that issues would be negotiated for years anymore, that it would no longer happen that something was concluded and ultimately not implemented, and that "negotiations with the two sides are held in such a way that one side is told one thing and the other side another, like when former EU high representative Federica Mogherini sent a secret letter to Pristina on the Community of Serb Municipalities without notifying Belgrade of that."

Blagojevic sees the aforementioned Community as one of the key elements of a future agreement between Belgrade and Pristina, and says that "it is important for President Aleksandar Vucic and his regime to be able to tell the people that they managed to get something significant, so that they can undertake the closing of an agreement with Pristina."

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